Our son Scottie is and will always be our hero. Over the past four months, Karen and I have learned that life is not measured in time, but measured by what a person gives to those around them. Four months was all it took for our son Scott to touch the world around him in miraculous ways…ways we will never forget.

When Scott came into our lives on May 1st we had so many hopes and dreams for our new son…hopes and dreams that simply were not to be as we had planned. In the first few weeks of Scott's life, it seemed as though our lives had begun to spin totally out of control. We were so angry at all the world…and despair would have been so easy…as we were pushed to our limit each and every day. And then one day, Scott smiled…a smile so beautiful and gentle and peaceful…and the weight of the world that had rested upon our shoulders was suddenly lifted…and a new plan emerged, and with it new hopes and dreams. And the anger that we felt turned to strength…and the despair turned to courage…and we fell deeply in love with this beautiful child.

Over the four months we were fortunate to be with our son, Scott taught all of us what is most important in life. Because of Scott's courage and the lessons he shared with us…Karen and I now know what kind of people we want to be.

We learned about hope…as we always believed that Scott could lead a good and happy life. Everybody told us Scott would never be able to open his mouth and use his bottle. But we proved everybody wrong. In a matter of days after he came home from the hospital, Scott started to take his bottle - and showed us so clearly that we must never lose hope - because he never did.

We learned about patience…to take one day at a time, to appreciate and celebrate the very smallest of things that most of us take for granted. The first time he held a rattle, the first time he rolled over and most magically, the first time he smiled -- his beautiful smile.

And most importantly, Scott taught us the meaning of unconditional love. Love that is dependent on nothing, love that transcends all, and love that is boundless. Together as a family we always loved each other unconditionally, and never, ever gave up.

Karen, Adam and I are forever thankful for all the people that have given of themselves to love Scott for who he was, and we know that he has made a profound impact on all of your lives.

Scott Elliott tested who we are and what is important to us, and helped us discover the true nature of our values and beliefs. Scott brought us to a place that we hope everyone can be one day…

Scott Elliott Sraberg is no longer here with us…but his lessons will live forever in our hearts. Our baby Scott gave us a lens through which we will view the rest of the world for all our lives. We see the world much more clearly because of that gift.

We love you and will miss you forever, Scott…and we promise to live each day as fully as possible…and to love each and every moment of our lives.